What is SMS virtual number and how to use it?

An SMS virtual number is a virtual phone number that can be used to receive SMS messages. It allows businesses to receive SMS messages without having to use a physical phone number.

Here's how you can use an SMS virtual number:

  1. Sign up for an SMS virtual number provider: There are several providers that offer SMS virtual numbers. You can sign up for an account with one of these providers and choose the virtual number you want to use.

  2. Integrate the virtual number with your systems: Once you have the virtual number, you can integrate it with your existing systems and applications, such as your CRM, website, or customer service platform.

  3. Use the virtual number for two-way SMS communication: You can use the virtual number to send and receive SMS messages with your customers. This can be done through an SMS gateway provided by the virtual number provider or through a third-party application.

  4. Track and analyze data: You can track and analyze data related to the SMS messages sent and received through the virtual number, such as open rates, conversion rates, and engagement metrics.

An SMS virtual number is a useful tool for businesses looking to reach and engage with customers through SMS. It provides a convenient and flexible way to manage SMS communication and enables businesses to

In EasySendSMS.com We provide virtual phone numbers with international coverage that can be easily integrated into applications, enabling P2A and P2P communication.

Having your own custom number to receive messages from your clients , a dedicated number is an essential component in 2-way SMS communication, providing you with the ability to connect directly with your customers, and have the confidence that their message will get back to you

SMS Keywords

Set-up and process inbound messages with pre-defined keywords. Your keywords can be used to set up triggers to file and sort message replies, all dependent on your business needs.

Sales & Promotions

Virtual Number allows you to create interactive marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all via one platform.

Real Time

Virtual Number lets you promptly respond to customer questions and respond back in real time. 2-Way SMS is perfect for engaging customers right in the moment.

Receive SMS Online

Getting a SMS message when you want to keep your real phone number private or phone has stopped working.