SMS Routes

SMS Routes are different methods of sending SMS messages. The choice of which route to use depends on the specific needs and requirements of the sender.

SMS Economic Route is a cost-effective option. It uses a network of aggregators and carriers to deliver messages to the recipient, which means that the cost is lower, but the delivery time may be longer and less reliable.

SMS Premium Route is a more reliable and faster option. It uses direct connections with carriers to deliver messages, which means that delivery is more reliable and faster, but the cost is higher.

SMS Direct Route is a premium option. It uses a Direct Connection with the carrier to deliver messages, bypassing the network of aggregators. This means that the delivery is faster, more reliable, and offers the highest quality, but the cost is higher.

The choice between economic, premium and direct connection depends on the specific needs of a business, including the volume of messages to be sent, the level of delivery quality and reliability required, and budget constraints.

Economic Routes Features:

  • Offer a cost-effective solution for sending SMS messages in bulk.

  • Typically have a lower delivery success rate compared to premium route.

  • Personalization so businesses can send messages that are tailored to each recipient.

  • For large volumes of messages at a lower cost, making it more accessible for businesses to reach their customers through SMS marketing campaigns.

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EasySendSMS SMS Premium Routes

Premium Routes Features:

  • Offer a higher quality and reliable solution for sending SMS messages.

  • Typically have a higher delivery success rate compared to economic route.

  • Are often used by businesses that require a high level of reliability and quality for their SMS messages.

  • Are more expensive compared to economic routes.

Direct Routes Features:

  • Direct Carrier Connection: SMS Direct Connection uses a direct connection with the carrier, bypassing the network of aggregators. So messages are delivered faster and more reliably.

  • High Quality Delivery: By using a direct connection with the carrier, SMS Direct Gateway offers a higher quality of delivery, with less risk of message loss or delay.

  • Guaranteed Delivery: Delivery is guaranteed, so you can be confident that your messages will reach their destination.

  • Custom Sender IDs: You can use a custom sender ID, such as your brand name, which helps to increase the visibility of your messages and improve the chances of them being read.

Setting up a direct connection can be complex and may require an SMPP connection. In addition, direct connection may not be available in all countries or for all carriers, so businesses need to carefully evaluate their options before choosing this route.

Overall, Direct Connection can offer an attractive option for businesses that require a high level of delivery quality and reliability, especially for time-sensitive content and high-volume SMS campaigns.

However, it's important to carefully consider the SMS cost involved before choosing this route.

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