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How Bulk SMS can
boost small businesses grow.

Continuous reaching out to your target audience has never been more important than now. With small spans of attention and a massive advertising bombardment, businesses that don't reach their perfect prospects are most likely to lose their potential customers to competitors.

Luckily reaching out doesn’t have to be as costly as many companies thought it to be.

Bulk SMS service by Easy Send SMS is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach a bigger audience at once. Below we will explain, the benefits Bulk SMS can bring to your business.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS Service.

Bulk SMS offers a wide range of benefits which make it a wiser choice than traditional methods of marketing. Since text messages are short by default, you don't have to establish a whole marketing campaign before you can begin.

Alternatively, you can pick a web page you want your customers to visit, write a short message and then send an SMS with the message and a link to the webpage.

You also can send promo codes for your consumers to use next time they’re shopping with your business. Nothing could be simpler than a short text message, and consumers are more likely to read a short text message than a lengthy email.

Bulk text messages are often much more likely to be opened than e-mails. For example, an outstanding open rate may be 50 percent for an email campaign, when the average rate is about 20 percent elsewhere.

On the other hand, a bulk SMS campaign also has an open rate approaching up to 95 percent, with around 80 percent of all messages opening within the first 15 minutes. Which means the average bulk SMS campaign has four time better open rate than an email campaign.

The majority of people own some kind of cellphone. Some of them still own an obsolete model and some owns the new one. As such even the most obsolete cell phone model will receive a text message is the best part of SMS campaign. This makes Bulk SMS useful particularly for businesses that cater for rural customers, or an older demographic that may not use email.

Bulk SMS, is highly cheap compared with other marketing services. Bulk SMS is fairly cheaper because you don't have to pay for a marketing firm or purchase expensive software and services. This makes Bulk SMS ideal for smaller businesses that might not have a vast marketing budget. You can plan a whole SMS Marketing campaign in few hours’ time and write all of the content on your own, as each message is only about one or two sentences, and get began.

Why Easy Send SMS?

We Easy Send SMS, cover more than 188 countries and more than 1100 mobile network with a very low price.

Our Easy Send SMS has a very high delivery rate and when you send a message with us you can rest assured it's going to reach its intended destination. Bulk SMS marketing with Easy Send SMS is truly a great deal and it's a perfect solution for any business, no matter what industry you're in.

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