Easy Send SMS FAQs

Validity of account is life time with Easy Send SMS.

There are no any fees at all .

We accept PayPal payment method.

Our service is global Easy Send SMS cover 200 countries and more then 1100 network .

Easy Send SMS have 24/7 support live chat, email and call .

All the data including your contact lists will be encrypted and secured at our sms datacenter system side, for more info, please read our Privacy Policy.

You don’t need to download any kind of softwares to send your sms messages, you can just easily use our web bulk SMS platform..

With Easy Send SMS no limitation of sending you can send as many as you would like.

Yes, we do. each english sms is(160 GSM char )or( 70 Unicode char) for the unicode lang,. Mobile handset uses SMS segmentation info, to reconnect the sms message correctly.

Take note that not always the 160 characters can be writen into a one text sms. Some special char from the GSM alphabet like £ sign need 2 char, – need an ‘escape’ char, + a char,. Such ‘escape’ char also considered when need to split the message into segments.

You pay for all sms messages that have been sent regardless of whether of their delivery status as we still have to pay the mobile operator.

Absolutely, Easy Send SMS provide two-way SMS messaging.

You can upload your Group List in formats: txt, xls/xlsx, csv.