What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is a type of SMS message that is used for communication between businesses and their customers for transactions or transactions-related information.
These messages are typically sent to customers who have completed a transaction or are about to complete a transaction, and they contain information such as order confirmations, delivery updates, appointment reminders, and more.

Transactional SMS messages are considered to be mission-critical, as they are an important part of the customer experience and play a role in building trust and loyalty.
They are typically sent using a dedicated virtual mobile number or a short code and are delivered to customers in real-time.

Transactional SMS messages are important because they provide a quick, convenient, and reliable way for businesses to communicate with their customers.
They allow businesses to keep their customers informed and engaged, and they help to reduce confusion, errors, and disputes that can occur during transactions.

Transactional SMS is also beneficial because it is typically delivered to the customer's mobile phone, which is a device that they have with them at all times.
This means that customers are more likely to see and respond to transactional SMS messages than they would with other forms of communication, such as email.

Overall, transactional SMS is an important tool for businesses that want to provide a high-quality customer experience and build strong relationships with their customers.