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Incoming SMS 2 Way HTTP Post Back

2 WaySMS is the best way to have all incoming SMS messages received to the same virtual number each time.
This will make it easier for customers to reply to your message .
A virtual dedicated number works like a normal mobile number. Once you have buy one you will be able to receive text sms messages to it ,. Friends, customers or anybody with a mobile will be able to send SMS text messages to you via this number.

If you would like your Incoming SMS messages to be pushed to your server, please ensure you specify a 2 Way URL in your account settings.


Example For 2 WaySMS HTTP Push API URL

http://www.yourserverdemoname.net/2wayDemo.php is how a URL for each client would appear. The parameters
appended to the URL would be static  ( We are using post method to push the data to your server ) The parameters are explained below
FromThe message sender number
messageContents of the message
dateDate and time when was received by our server. Date format should be YYYY-MM-DD Time format should be hh:mm:ss

Note: There is no 2 Way Api For our free shared virtual number, hence you can still receive your customers messages to our free virtual shared number by using a keyword (Keyword is your unique username at our system) at the beginning of them replies, Example :

#Your Username --space-- .. your customer reply message 

In this example the keyword will be your username then space the your customer reply message to our shared number at Easy Send SMS system,you can find your customers incoming message at your 2 Way Inbox link in your Easy Send SMS account dashboard.