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Send SMS using Wordpress plugin

By WP SMS you can add the ability of SMS sending to your WordPress product. So you can send SMS to your newsletter subscribers or your users and get their attentions to your site and products.

Using WP SMS you can enjoy many features, You can Send SMS to either your users’ numbers or specific numbers Get your users’ mobile numbers when they subscribe to your newsletters Send SMS automatically to users and admins in different situations Increase the security by two step verification Login with your mobile number in case that you forget your password And many more! This plugin is completely free.

You just need to have EasySendSMS, then you can use your account credentials in this Plugin.

Features of Wordpress Plugin

For our service, we are using WP-SMS as the plugin is the best WordPress SMS plugin. Here are the some features that makes WP-SMS the most powerful WordPress SMS plugin.

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These are the features of WP-SMS.

  1. Advanced Send SMS page
  2. Scheduled SMS
  3. SMS Newsletter
  4. GDPR Compliance
  5. Support Unicode
  6. Support country code
  7. Outbox SMS page
  8. Manage Subscribers and Groups

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