Our SMS API, simply, easy

HTTP Post Back

Upon delivery confirmation, Easy Send SMS will Post Back to your own server to allow you to monitor the status of messages sent.
In order for our system to know that your URL has received the delivery notice,your page HTTP Status must be Code 200. To ensure this is the case please use the URL in your local browser before adding it in your account settings,this can be configured under Settings in your Easy Send SMS account.

Example For Push API URL

http://www.yourserverdemoname.net/Demo/Demo.php is how a URL for each client would appear. The parameters
appended to the URL would be static. The parameters are explained below
senderThe message sender name
mobileDestination number of sent message
dateDate and time when the delivery report is received. Date format should be YYYY-MM-DD Time format should be hh:mm:ss
messageidUnique identification for a message given at the time of submission
statusStatus of the message
Status Codes


delivrdThe message has been received by the handset.
expiredThe carrier has timed out.
undelivThe messages failed to reach the handset.